led fan

this is a normal fan but it projects a message.  Doing this it is a two in one.  A cool way for messages and a fan.  It can project “happy bday” , “feel better”, “YOU WON!”, and much more.  This seems easy except for code since the message will not move around.

I would say a Lithium Ion Polymer Battery – 3.7v 1200mAh would be the best battery

code is a hard one.  This one i gotta make sure for custom messages and them not spinning

i will use a led board either made with a motor or with a moter attatched.

I will try to get at least a few steps each class.  I would do this by being persistant.




Led neon pixel lamp

First, you use the 3d prints

Second, you get a led stripe

Third, you get these boards Lis3dh and adafruit

  • Fourth, get cooper connected to copper through a wire

Fith, you get 3  fuses

Sixth, you get 10 wires

Seventh, you make metal rods turned(2)

Eight,  you screw the metal rods in to the 3d print

Ninth, you solder the adafruit to the led strip

Tenth, you solder the Lis3dh to Adafruit

Eleventh you hot glue this on to the print

Next you, add the fuses

Then you hot glue the fuses

then connect the fuses to the led stripe with soldering

fithteenth you u solder coppper and the last fuse to the other print and boom


problem uploading code.  It would do it but bounce back at the end and just fail.

more problems. shorts and adding wires.  adding fuses and adding different sections.  sticking the leds to the print and making wires the least noticable.

Few things i would change on this make power stay with it, led brighter, and make it stronger then plastic.
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led neon pixel lamp

first u download arduino

second  u put this code and check the instructions.  It is here https://github.com/stevenkibler/SSA_DeskLamp/blob/master/Instructions%20for%20Silicon%20Stem%20Academy%20WiFi%20Lamp.pdf

third u get the chips, and wires

fourth u solder

fifth u publish the code

sixth try it


Hello this is me

I am a 9 year old boy (nearly 10) which loves to code and engineer.

taken 6 stem classes my most interesting are engineering practicum , javascript, java, blender, and Tinkercad

I have built iPhone cases, made led neon pixel lamps, and much more.

I want to build something with a screen